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I know django.conf.urls.defaults.url extracts regular expression to get object-id or others.

I wonder if I can do the same thing in my view.

Suppose I have a url rule such as url(r'^/path1/path2/(?P<my_object_id>\d+)/path3, my_view, name='my_view_name')
In a view, I have a string that matches the url such as /path1/path2/34/path3, how can I get the 34 from the string?

ie, Is there a function which takes view_name(or the same url regex in, and a url string and returns positional/keyword arguments as the url() does it?

foo(view_name, url_string): 
  return (args, kwargs)
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You can use django.core.urlresolvers.resolve.

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An example on how to use this to solve the particular problem would be nice... – Aschratt May 28 '13 at 9:38

You should be able to reference 34 using my_object_id.

Here's the relevant text from the django tutorial polls app:

The poll_id='34' part comes from (?P\d+). Using parentheses around a pattern “captures” the text matched by that pattern and sends it as an argument to the view function; ?P defines the name that will be used to identify the matched pattern; and \d+ is a regular expression to match a sequence of digits (i.e., a number).

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