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I'm trying to visualize a simple poligon exploiting open layer retrieving data from postGis database. I'm using as SRS EPSG:404000 wildcard 2D cartesian plane.

I have a polygons: "POLYGON((308.2488 254.05,924.7464 254.05,308.2488 84.6856,924.7464 84.6856,308.2488 254.05))"

Why the displayed polygon has a strange shape formed by two opposites tringles with coinciding vertex? The shape could be a simple rectangle.


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Because that's the way it's defined: lower right, lower left, upper right, upper left, lower right. If you want it to be a simple rectangle change the points position like this POLYGON((308.2488 254.05, 924.7464 254.05, 924.7464 84.6856, 308.2488 84.6856, 308.2488 254.05)).

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