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There is something I do not get with Meteor's template engine, being used with Mustache I can change the scope of the json data souce simply by enclosing the code with a {{#newscope}}{{/newscope}. In practice this does not seems to work the same way with the handlebars

Here is my template data source

   Template.aName.data = function()
         return {"foo":"bar"};

Then here is my html template (partial)

<template name="aName">
    {{data.foo}} // This prints "bar"

    {{foo}} // This does not prints anything but [object Object] (I expected "bar")

    {{.}} // This prints "bar" but oh so ugly…

What's the point ?

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Use the with keyword to change the scope

<template name="aName">
    {{#with data}}
    {{foo}} // prints "bar" as expected
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