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Firstly, i want download the web page: http://acm.sgu.ru/problem.php?contest=0&problem=161 I try to use the command:

wget -o 161.html http://acm.sgu.ru/problem.php?contest=0&problem=161

But it not work! Anyone help me ?

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  1. The URL you are providing to wget contains characters that have special meaning in the shell (&), therefore you have to escape them by putting them inside single quotes.

  2. Option -o file is used to log all messages to the provided file.

    If you want the page to written to the provided file use option -O file (capital O).


wget -O 161.html 'http://acm.sgu.ru/problem.php?contest=0&problem=161'
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Oh,you are right! Thanks! I write the URL in file url.txt,and use the command:wget -o 161.html -i url.txt. And it not save the webpage in file 161.html. The webpage save in file named problem.php@contest=0&problem=161. –  xunger May 28 '13 at 10:15
@xunger updated my answer with point 2. –  Adam Siemion May 28 '13 at 10:19

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