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I'm looking for a good tool to document SSIS workflows. Best would be if its not only text based documentation, some visual overview of what happens in the SSIS package would be nice.

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SSIS Documenter

alt text

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The Generate Documentation option is not visible in my ssis window.What is the work around

for that..?

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The Generate Documentation context menu option is provided by SSIS Documenter, you would need to install that –  DaveRead Apr 13 '12 at 8:08

Jamie Thomson, SSIS Junkie, details a method to generate XML from a package on his blog.

In short, the following SQL creates the XML:

select    cast(BulkColumn as XML)
from    openrowset(bulk 'C:\tmp\MyPkg.dtsx',
                    single_blob) as pkgColumn;

He then describes how to parse and organize the output.

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