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I have problem with saved MS Outlook template *.oft

I have simple HTML page with images (http://ukazky.kelocnet.cz/newsletter/), opened in Internet Explorer 9. With the function „Send - page by email…“ is the page inserted as new message into MS Outlook.

I have done three tests:

1) On my computer (Windows 7 64bit, MS Office 2010 32bit, IE8) I have created template *.oft and that cannot be opened.

2) On my coleg’s PC (Windows 7 64bit, MS Office 2007 32bit, IE10) I have created template *.oft and that cannot be opened too.

3) On third PC (Windows 7 64bit, MS Office 2007 32bit, IE9) I have created template *.oft and that is correctly opened.

All saved OFT templates is possible download here: http://ukazky.kelocnet.cz/newsletter/oft/oft.zip

Resume: When I save message as *.oft in case ad 1) and case ad 2), that message shows as blank in MS Outlook and cannot be opened anywhere.

Notice: Look at the different sizes of *.oft files. Also I have tried save messages as *.msg and that cannot be opened anywhere too.

Do you have an Idea, where could by a problem? I need use this function on my PC.

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How exactly did you create the OFT files? –  Dmitry Streblechenko May 28 '13 at 20:16
@Dmitry Streblechenko I have opened my simple HTML page in IE, then via Send - page by email... create a new message in MS Outlook and here click Save as, then select OFT and Save. –  RadaR May 29 '13 at 6:34

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I have solved this problem. There is two possible solutions:

1) Before Save as OFT in MS Outlook is neccessary Save message with Ctrl+S. Then you can save message as OFT and everything works fine.

2) Second solution is to send message to yourself and after that save message as OFT.

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