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I need to execut a bash script which mainly contains a pg_dump and some log, clean,... stuff through a PHP file located in the /var/www/ folder

My server is a Debian Squeeze 6.0.6 with PHP5 and Apache2 recently installed.

My index.php folder contains the code below :

echo shell_exec('./backup_database');

The script seems to work because I got the logs output in my browers but the pg_dump is not executed.

Obviously, if I run the script manually it works.

The script is located in the same folder as index.php and I used chmod 777 on those two files and on the parent directory.

P.S. I have poor knowledges in server configuration, try to be as specific as possible

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But i think your backup_database Needs an .sh ending so it can be executed. Then it should look like this

 exec('sh ./backup_database.sh');



i'm not quite shure which of the two Solutions might work for you

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The two first do anything, but the third print the last log (the pg_dump still not excecuted :() Maybe something on the configuration's wrong? –  Edelweiss May 28 '13 at 11:11

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