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I am trying to code a plotting graph application, but I need user input (mouse clicks) and a drawing area/canvas. I have found this 2: and I don't care on which platform it can run. The project will be on Ruby. Thanks for any help or suggestions!

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Try QtRuby - Qt features are the most comprehensive, IMO.

Here is an example of how you track coordinates:

require 'Qt4'
class MyWindow < Qt::Widget

    def initialize
        move 300, 300
        setFixedSize(500, 500)
        @label =
        @layout =
        @graphics =, -100, 400, 200)
        @gv =, self)
        @layout.add_widget(@gv, 0, Qt::AlignCenter)
        @layout.add_widget(@label, 0, Qt::AlignCenter)

    def mousePressEvent(e)
        @mousePos = e.pos
        @label.setText("x: #{@mousePos.x}, y: #{@mousePos.y}")

end do

Not the best style, but it will do for general understanding.

If you want to draw lines manually, Qt already has such facilities. Also, Qt has a beautiful community and documentation: example

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You could also try Tk, which has bindings for Ruby (in addition to several other languages such as tcl, python, perl). See for an overview and tutorial with examples. For plotting graphs, see the canvas widget.

Here's an example from that website which shows how to interactively draw a line on a canvas:

require 'tk'
root =

@canvas =
@canvas.grid :sticky => 'nwes', :column => 0, :row => 0
TkGrid.columnconfigure( root, 0, :weight => 1 )
TkGrid.rowconfigure( root, 0, :weight => 1 )

@canvas.bind( "1", proc{|x,y| @lastx = x; @lasty = y}, "%x %y")
@canvas.bind( "B1-Motion", proc{|x, y| addLine(x,y)}, "%x %y")

def addLine (x,y) @canvas, @lastx, @lasty, x, y )
  @lastx = x; @lasty = y; 

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I forgot to mention I also want one, with good user support – Trt Trt May 28 '13 at 11:06

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