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heres my code:

start /realtime /b /wait .\jampDed.exe
for /f "tokens=1-5 delims=:" %%d in ("%time%") do rename .\CIA_Secure_Host2\qconsole.log %%d-%%e-%%f
start .\Serv.bat

this batch is supposed to run the program in a window, and when it quits, is supposed to rename the file qconsole.log to the current time, and then relaunch the batch file (Serv.bat).

problem is, after i run the batch file, if i try to run it again, it wont rename the file, giving me an error saying that it could not access the process because it is in use. i also get the same error if i ty to edit the batch file and save over it after previously running it.

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If your intent is to run jampDed, then rename its log file, and do that in an infinite loop, why not just use:

@echo off
start /realtime /b /wait .\jampDed.exe
for /f "tokens=1-5 delims=:" %%d in ("%time%") do rename .\CIA_Secure_Host2\qconsole.log %%d-%%e-%%fs
goto :again

instead of fiddling around with running recursive copies of the command file.

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