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From a quick perusal, it seems that Google Docs does not support version control the way git or svn does. My question is:

If I want to store all my documents on Google Docs, what is the best way to make them be capable of branch/merge type version control? What would this require?

Or what is the workflow you use to store your families/companies documents on Google Docs and sync them with git/svn so multiple people can be editing a document concurrently and they won't overwrite changes?

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The webapps site seems like a better place for this question. See my related question there: Import google docs document revision history into a git repository? –  nealmcb Apr 11 '12 at 14:28

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You can try to write an application to do that. Read some google docs protocol documentation, specially Document Revisions section. Be aware though that this is going to be a lot of work: you would need an application that compares all the data from your revisions in google docs to your git/svn ones and vice versa.

Seriously, having already a SCM configuration, I would stick to it, and do a simple python script that would "export" the last docs commits (or tags) to my google docs. This way you can read your documentation anywhere (you just need a browser) but still having the benefits of a traditional SCM, being this a best-of-both-worlds approach IMHO.

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I am not sure about google docs... but have you looked at dropbox? I have used that on a couple small to medium sized projects and it worked well.

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Use Google Code. Google Docs is rather rudimentary. It doesn't have Word's versioning features. You can save many revisions however.

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