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I am new to MySql - C++ connection. I looked for some tutorials and came across ones similar to this i.e. ones using mysql_real_connect

MYSQL* connect;
connect = mysql_int(NULL);

But the tutorial page of MySql uses Driver,Connection approach*.

driver = get_driver_instance();
con = driver->connect("tcp://", "root", "root");

(*Looks like database connections done in Java)

What is the difference between these two techniques?

I googled a bit but I dont seem to get relevant results(Might be possible I dont know what to google about)


I had a proper look at the manual pages on dev.mysql.com. It seems mysql_real_connect and other similar functions are actually part of the MySql C Api and Driver, Connection, etc are part of the MySql C++ Api . Is there any problem in using MySql C Api in C++ Code (found lot of example codes with this) or is it safe and wise and keep to MySql C++ Api for C++ programs

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