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I have created custom keyboard and extends InputMethodService implements OnKeyboardActionListener.

when user tap on any key then i explicitly call KeyEvent like.

event = new KeyEvent(KeyEvent.ACTION_DOWN, KeyEvent.KEYCODE_A);

Now, It is working fine in google.com search text box. But when i change the setting

Google Setting and choose Never shows instant result and Save

Then my keyboard will not work. This issue is only faces in Nexus 7 android version 4.2

I am very glad if anyone can help on this.


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this issue is not relavent to KeyEvent.
It may possible your textBox is not getting focus,
for example you are setting focus some where else like :
your_webView.requestFocusFromTouch(); or focusing the dialog

So the solution is just remove the focus if you are setting, else part will be maintain by system itself.

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