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I am using jQuery pagination plugin in my website.I use the below code.

<div id="ids"></div>

$(function () {
        count: 10,
        start: 1,
        display: 5,
        border: true,
        border_color: "#009933",
        text_color: "#000",
        background_color: "#95C25B",
        border_hover_color: "#ccc",
        text_hover_color: "#95C25B",
        background_hover_color: "#000",
        images: false,
        mouse: "press",
        onChange: function (e) {
          //some functions on selecting page number

I want to call some other function on clicking 'last' ( ie first and last li's) of page number.How can i give a specific function for 'last' of pagination number

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I don't know how the plugin works, but you're saying "last" and "first" li element, so maybe this will work?




  $('ul li').first().bind("click", function(){
  $('ul li').last().bind("click", function(){

I've created a js fiddle:

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Thanks ,thats nice.Let me try it. – SRTECH May 29 '13 at 9:07
@SRTECH did this work for you? If so, please accept the answer. – QuakeDK May 30 '13 at 16:01
No.When i used in that jquery pagination plugin it didnt work.Then I found some other solution.jQuery pagination plugin. – SRTECH May 31 '13 at 10:19

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