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I'm using Grails's fields plugin for its shortness regarding writing forms.

I don't have understood well its way of managing validation errors, though.

If the domain class as a "blank" constraint, the plugins displays a nice arrowed pop-up message "please fill in this field" close to the corresponding property/field, even if no explicit error management code has been written in the controller or even in the form.

When I look in messages.properties, the default.blank.message is "Property [{0}] of class [{1}] cannot be blank", so I don't understand where the message given by this plugin come from.

Moreover, if I try another constraint like "minSize:2" for example, the error is not shown in the form as for the "blank" one, unless I handle and show it the regular way (code in both controller and view).

So, my questions are: in the field plugin

  1. why is the "blank" validation different of other errors ?
  2. how can I re-use the nice error pop-up for all errors ?
  3. where is the javascript code for this pop-up ?
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This popup is the result of using the HTML5's attribute required for client-side validation, it does not need any JavaScript -- see examples here.

Any html input field you use the attribute required will get that popup:

<input type="text" name="fieldName" required />
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