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I have to find, if there is any row in the table for which value of col2 is duplicate. Like in the specified scenario row 1 and 2 are duplicate as value of col2 is same.

Col1   Col2  Col3
1       1     4
2       1     3
3       2     2
4       3     1

At present what i am doing is

select count(*) from table group by col2 order by 1 desc

if the value of first row is > 1 then there are duplicates.

Please specify any optimized query for this problem.

Note The table contains trillions of data, and there is no index on col2 [ if that matters to you ]

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select * from MyTable where col2 in
select col2
from MyTable
group by col2
having count(*) > 1
) x
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I was just close to post the same answer :-) –  Boris Modylevsky Nov 5 '09 at 9:20

I think the following would give the right results in ms sql server... maybe in DB2 also

select * from t where col2 in (select col2 from t group by col2 having count(*) > 1)
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@Dave K is absolutely right.
You could also do it this way.
I suspect most optimisers will do exactly the same for both queries.

FROM    MyTable t1
        (   SELECT   col2
            FROM     MyTable
            GROUP BY col2
            HAVING   count(*) > 1
        ) t2
WHERE   t1.col2 = t2.col2
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If you need to output the results of the duplicate records, you can try the following.

select * from
   select *
   ,row_number() over (partition by col2, order by col1, col2) r
   from MyTable
where r = 2 
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