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im trying to implement a custom views to the SecureSocial module ive done the following (its a java project)

in the package service ive created the file CustomTemplate.scala

ive copy paste the code from to that class ive changed the class name from MyViews to CustomTemplate and the return of the getLogin Page from views.custom.html.login(form, msg) to views.html.custom.login(form, msg)

the login page is a complete copy paste from the github source code

now for the problems 1. not found: type TemplatesPlugin -> added securesocial.controllers after the extends 2. added the pages provider.scala.html and signUp.scala.html 3. not found: type RequestHeader -> in login page change the (implicit request: RequestHeader) to (implicit request: play.api.mvc.RequestHeader) 4 .story goes i get now the type mismatch; found :[securesocial.controllers.Registration.RegistrationInfo] required:[securesocial.controllers.Registration.RegistrationInfo] resolved by adding in the

this went on and on until i added all the pages now i get the following

ambiguous implicit values: both method requestHeader in object PlayMagicForJava of type => play.api.mvc.RequestHeader and value request of type play.api.mvc.RequestHeader match expected type play.api.mvc.RequestHeader 

any idea how to proceed?

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i forgot to mention my securesocial version :"securesocial" %% "securesocial" % "master-SNAPSHOT" – naoru May 28 '13 at 13:46
when trying to use the different module version ,"securesocial" % "securesocial_2.9.1" % "2.0.12", im getting the following error Plugin [com.typesafe.plugin.CommonsMailerPlugin] cannot been instantiated. – naoru May 28 '13 at 15:38

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