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I have two types of tables under azure Mobile Service: Type A : Azure Mobile Service for "Existing Database" (Without creating a new for Mobile Service). To use existing database , I created a SCHEMA and associated the tables from existing DB to it using following: CREATE SCHEMA my_new_service; ALTER SCHEMA my_new_service TRANSFER dbo.Subject;

Type B : Azure Mobile Service by creating a new table for service.

I created a sample android application to RETRIEVE the table data and works fine in both the cases! Now when I am trying to insert row into the table in type B table, it gets inserted successfully But in case of Type A,I get an exception as : com.microsoft.windowsazure.mobileservices.MobileServiceException: {"code":400,"error":"Error: Bad request."} Any Help Appreciated : I have checked for permissions for both the tables and are same.

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Solution Please check your Window Azure Log

The Error code {"code":400,"error":"Error: Bad request."} will come only when you not provide the values correctly or the value which is not null constraint is not automatically generating .

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