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I have a stored procedure parameter organisationID which use to filter my queries by:

where pr.ProfileID = @profileID
and oi.OrganisationID = @organisationID

I would like to coalesce it so that if null is passed in then the query is not filtered by it.

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A typical way to do this is:

where (@profileID is null or pr.ProfileID = @profileID) and
      (@organisationID is null or oi.OrganisationID = @organisationID)
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Do note though that is you have a lot of these, you are often better off performance-wise using dynamic SQl to generate the query. –  HLGEM May 28 '13 at 14:03
where pr.ProfileID = @profileID
and oi.OrganisationID = isnull(@organisationID, oi.OrganisationID)

This assumes you're only filtering on the one value, the logic could be applied to both parameters.

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Pretty much the same logic as @Gordon's, but I find the isnull format easier to read. –  Philip Kelley May 28 '13 at 14:05


where pr.ProfileID = COALESCE(@profileID, pr.ProfileID)
and oi.OrganisationID = COALESCE(@organisationID,oi.OrganisationID)
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