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I want to perform some commands on Intersystem cache from shell script. One solution which I know is through making a config file but the problem is I dont know how to use config file through shell script. Is there any other solution for this...

for example what I have to run on cache is

csession instancename
zn "area"
area>D ^%RI
Next: It should take enter
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It is possible (for some operating systems) to run the Cache terminal in batch mode. For example:

echo: off
wait for:Username
send: SYS<CR>
wait for:Password
send: XXX<CR>
echo: on

logfile: Somepath\myFile.log

send: ZN "AREA"
wait for:AREA>

send: D ^%RI
wait for:Device:
send: some/device/path
wait for:Next:
send: <CR>

This is documented in the Intersystems cache terminal documentation, especially the using terminal in batch mode section and the terminal scripts section.

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I still didn't got it. I am new at shellscripting and cache –  Ajit Nair May 29 '13 at 10:15
Did you read any of the documentation? What did you try? What don't you get? –  psr May 29 '13 at 16:25

This can be accomplished from a Linux shell, simply keep a log of the commands you need to perform and then put them into a script. Here's an example of logging into Cache and writing "Hello world" -- note that this also assumes you need to authenticate.

echo -e "username\npassword\nW \"Hello world\"\nH\n" | csession instance

Note that every command you would have run manually is in there and separated by "\n", this is the character that represents the "Enter" key.

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