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if [ $FILE_SIZE -ge 5000000000 and $FILE_SIZE -le 10000000000 ]


 cp $s/* $W


#Here I need to wait the script for 10 minutes and re-run the if condition again

echo "file $myfile is out of Limit"

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write a sleep 10 min in while (condition) –  Kent May 28 '13 at 14:16
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You could use sleep to wait for 10 minutes, like so:

while true ; do
  if [ "$FILE_SIZE" -ge 5000000000 -a "$FILE_SIZE" -le 10000000000 ]  ; then ; break ; fi
  echo "file $myfile is out of Limit"
  sleep 600

cp $s/* $W
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You can use at to reschedule the script from within the script if the exexution fails. In the else block, put something like:

at now + 10 minutes << END
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