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Simple yes/no question : Can I call a vb.net function compiled in a vb.net dll from a c# function compiled in its own C# dll? Running in the same application.

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Yes, that shouldn't be a problem.

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they are not any different... –  Pondidum Nov 5 '09 at 10:04
Just to explain it a little: C#, VB.NET and all others are compiled into IL-Code, the syntax is similar to Assembler. So, no matter in what language the Application/Library was written, it will end up as IL-Code. –  Bobby Nov 5 '09 at 10:05

Yes you can. The other way round isn't necessarily true because you can do things in C# that aren't CLS Compliant, hence the reason you need to mark C# assemblies with

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The whole point of .NET is interoperability. Therefore, all .NET language assemblies should be able to call back and forth to other .NET assemblies, with a few very specific caveats, as noted by Pete.

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Yes ofcourse. You can access the dll and can create objects of classes in the dll and call methods.

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yes, why because .net is language interoperability.

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It depends on the access modifier of the class and its method/function. Below is a list of access modifiers (C# / VB.Net) and the external availability.

public / Public - Yes
protected / Protected - Must be inherited and the subclass can be used.
internal / Private - No
protected internal / Friend - No
private / Protected Friend - No

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