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When I take screenshots with ChromeDriver I get screens with the size of my viewport.
When I take screenshots with FirefoxDriver I get what I want, which is a full screen print of a website.

ChromeDriver is declared like this:

IWebDriver driver = new ChromeDriver();

FirefoxDriver is declared like this:

IWebDriver driver = new FirefoxDriver();

Both drivers execute identical code:

driver.Navigate().GoToUrl(url);//url is a string variable
ITakesScreenshot screenshotDriver = driver as ITakesScreenshot;
Screenshot screenshot = screenshotDriver.GetScreenshot();
screenshot.SaveAsFile("c:/test.png", ImageFormat.Png);

ChromeDriver's test.png is of 1920x1099 resolution and contains only the browser viewport.
FirefoxDriver's test.png is of 1903x16559 resolution and contains the whole page.

I know that GetScreenshot() method doesn't return identical resolution sizes because it has slightly different implementations in IEDriver, FirefoxDriver, OperaDriver, ChromeDriver.

My questions are:

  1. Why is there such difference between ChromeDriver's and FirefoxDriver's .GetScreenshot() method, even tho they use an identical interface (ITakesScreenshot)?

  2. Is there a way to make ChromeDriver's GetScreenshot() method return the whole webpage screen instead of just the viewport?

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It appears as though full-screen screenshots are not yet implemented in the ChromeDriver, due to some inaccuracies in its previous implementation.

Source: https://code.google.com/p/chromedriver/issues/detail?id=294

I have recently written a Selenium based application to test an Internet Explorer UI and found that:

  1. Taking screenshots with selenium was not as quick as using .NET, and
  2. Selenium is unable to take screenshots when dialog boxes are present. This was a major drawback, as I needed to identify unexpected dialogs during interaction with the pages.

Investigate using the Graphics.CopyFromScreen method in System.Drawing as an alternative solution until the feature is implemented in Chrome. Once you have tried .the Net approach however, I don't think you will look back =]

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I stumbled accross the same problem and ChromeDriver2 just does not support it.

So I created a little script which scrolls thru the page, takes screenshots and stitches everything together.

You can find the script in my blog post here: http://dev.flauschig.ch/wordpress/?p=341

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we can't get the entire page screenshot with ChromeDriver2, we need to go for manual implementation.I have modified a method with is available in a blog which works fine with ChromeDriver.

use this method as following :

private IWebDriver _driver = new ChromeDriver(CHROME_DRIVER_PATH);
screenshot.SaveAsFile(saveFileName, ImageFormat.Jpeg);

public Bitmap GetEntereScreenshot()

        Bitmap stitchedImage = null;
            long totalwidth1 = (long)((IJavaScriptExecutor)_driver).ExecuteScript("return document.body.offsetWidth");//documentElement.scrollWidth");

            long totalHeight1 = (long)((IJavaScriptExecutor)_driver).ExecuteScript("return  document.body.parentNode.scrollHeight");

            int totalWidth = (int)totalwidth1;
            int totalHeight = (int)totalHeight1;

            // Get the Size of the Viewport
            long viewportWidth1 = (long)((IJavaScriptExecutor)_driver).ExecuteScript("return document.body.clientWidth");//documentElement.scrollWidth");
            long viewportHeight1 = (long)((IJavaScriptExecutor)_driver).ExecuteScript("return window.innerHeight");//documentElement.scrollWidth");

            int viewportWidth = (int)viewportWidth1;
            int viewportHeight = (int)viewportHeight1;

        // Split the Screen in multiple Rectangles
        List<Rectangle> rectangles = new List<Rectangle>();
        // Loop until the Total Height is reached
        for (int i = 0; i < totalHeight; i += viewportHeight)
            int newHeight = viewportHeight;
            // Fix if the Height of the Element is too big
            if (i + viewportHeight > totalHeight)
                newHeight = totalHeight - i;
            // Loop until the Total Width is reached
            for (int ii = 0; ii < totalWidth; ii += viewportWidth)
                int newWidth = viewportWidth;
                // Fix if the Width of the Element is too big
                if (ii + viewportWidth > totalWidth)
                    newWidth = totalWidth - ii;

                // Create and add the Rectangle
                Rectangle currRect = new Rectangle(ii, i, newWidth, newHeight);

        // Build the Image
        stitchedImage = new Bitmap(totalWidth, totalHeight);
        // Get all Screenshots and stitch them together
        Rectangle previous = Rectangle.Empty;
        foreach (var rectangle in rectangles)
            // Calculate the Scrolling (if needed)
            if (previous != Rectangle.Empty)
                int xDiff = rectangle.Right - previous.Right;
                int yDiff = rectangle.Bottom - previous.Bottom;
                // Scroll
                //selenium.RunScript(String.Format("window.scrollBy({0}, {1})", xDiff, yDiff));
                ((IJavaScriptExecutor)_driver).ExecuteScript(String.Format("window.scrollBy({0}, {1})", xDiff, yDiff));

            // Take Screenshot
            var screenshot = ((ITakesScreenshot)_driver).GetScreenshot();

            // Build an Image out of the Screenshot
            Image screenshotImage;
            using (MemoryStream memStream = new MemoryStream(screenshot.AsByteArray))
                screenshotImage = Image.FromStream(memStream);

            // Calculate the Source Rectangle
            Rectangle sourceRectangle = new Rectangle(viewportWidth - rectangle.Width, viewportHeight - rectangle.Height, rectangle.Width, rectangle.Height);

            // Copy the Image
            using (Graphics g = Graphics.FromImage(stitchedImage))
                g.DrawImage(screenshotImage, rectangle, sourceRectangle, GraphicsUnit.Pixel);

            // Set the Previous Rectangle
            previous = rectangle;
        catch (Exception ex)
            // handle
        return stitchedImage;
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This worked great, should be the answer. –  Sire Sep 17 at 11:56
There is a small issue when running this script because it takes the control to the browser when scrolling down through webpage because it is a javascript injection. Anyway thanks Roemer :) –  Roshanth Sep 18 at 6:06

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