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I have read parsing git log output, preferably as xml but that does not help. I am trying to get the following information about a git tag

  1. User that created the tag
  2. Message associated with tag creation if any
  3. The name of the tag (I know this as I already pass this) but I want them in the output so that I can just pass the whole output back to my caller
  4. The latest commit id on that tag

I would prefer them as csv or space/tab separted values so I was trying to use the --format option. I was trying things like

 git show my_label_name --pretty=format:"%an, %cn" --quiet

but this does not produce what I want. Can someone help me?

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git cat-file tag <tag_name>

will give you the actual contents of the file that represents that tag (helpfully unpacked and uncompressed).


$ git init
$ touch README
$ git add README
$ git commit -m 'Initial commit'
$ git tag -a foo -m 'Tagging foo'
$ git cat-file tag foo
object 91654534f5ac138a3adb56a9e6dc3bacae5bae53
type commit
tag foo
tagger Peter Lundgren <peter@peterlundgren.com> 1369779403 -0400

Tagging foo
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Is this Machine parseable? i.e, I have to parse every line. I was thinking if git itself should support some json, csv, tab or newline separated output –  Calm Storm May 29 '13 at 15:09
Well Git parses it; this is literally how git stores this data. –  Peter Lundgren May 29 '13 at 21:46

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