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I was trying to process a directory of over 10000 files using ksh in Cygwin in Windows 7 and have found that it can take well over a minute before processing can begin because I start by doing an

ls -r | while read....

I can get all the files in a few seconds by doing a

set *
for file; do

but that isn't in the date order. The only way I have found around it right now is by running a MSDOS shell and using "dir" like this:

cmd /c "dir /b /a-d /o-d" | while read...

Is there any simple way of doing this without having to run a dos shell and why does "ls" take so long anyway?


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Just to eliminate some possibilities, could you confirm that you still get the same problem when running the ls by executing the binary, like so... /usr/bin/ls -r? –  Costa May 28 '13 at 17:03
Ah ha! Yes, doing a /usr/bin/ls -r had it run fast. I did a type ls and it came back with it as an alias for ls -hF --color=auto. After a little experimenting it turns out that the -F option was causing the lag. Thank you very very much. –  Ban Atman May 28 '13 at 17:38

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