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I am trying to create a user defined avg function, e.g. to calculate an average, sum or count - are there any examples I can follow?

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As @David Aldridge mentioned, the "official" way to build a user-defined aggregate function is to use Oracle Data Cartridge. But in my experience, it is simpler, faster, and less buggy to use the CAST(COLLECT method. The only downside is your SQL statement requires some extra syntax.

For example, to create a custom average function that ignores the number 1:

--Created nested table of numbers
create or replace type number_nt is table of number;

--Create a custom average function.
--For example, average everything except the number "1".
create or replace function my_avg(numbers number_nt) return number is
    v_sum number := 0;
    v_count number := 0;
    --Sum and count all the values, excluding nulls and "1".
    for i in 1 .. numbers.count loop
        if numbers(i) is not null and numbers(i) <> 1 then
            v_sum := v_sum + numbers(i);
            v_count := v_count + 1;
        end if;
    end loop;

    if v_count = 0 then
        return null;
        return v_sum/v_count;
    end if;

Here's how to call the function:

--Regular average is 2, our custom average that excludes 1 should be 2.5.
    avg(test_value) avg
    ,my_avg(cast(collect(test_value) as number_nt)) my_avg
    select 1 test_value from dual union all
    select 2 test_value from dual union all
    select 3 test_value from dual

--   ------
2    2.5
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+1: Especially handy for being able to use DISTINCT and ORDER BY in the COLLECT function as well I should think. Do you know what the minimum version is for that? –  David Aldridge May 28 '13 at 19:22
@DavidAldridge COLLECT was introduced in 10g. DISTINCT and ORDER BY were officially added in 11g, but they appear to work fine in 10g. –  Jon Heller May 28 '13 at 21:35

What you're looking for is the User Defined Aggregates Function Interface, documented in the Data Cartridge Developers' Guide.

Some examples are documented here.

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i dnt understand this coz i am new or oracle plz give some simple example here –  user2024024 May 28 '13 at 17:26
Another example (article) here –  tbone May 28 '13 at 18:54

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