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Some sort of function that finds the standard fractional notation version of the given Egyptian fraction.

For example:

input: 3, 15
output: 2/5

explained for those not familiar with Egyptian fractions:

(1/3 + 1/15) = 18/45 = 2/5

What kind of equation could do this? if not an equation then what set of operations?

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This looks more like a math's question than a Python question, but I'll give you a few hints:

  1. split your input into tokens (str.split)
  2. parse your tokens to integers (int(x))
  3. apply the formula for adding fractions
  4. convert to irreductible fraction (divide by gcd, you can use euclid's method)
  5. profit

for adding fractions: a/b + c/d = (ad+cb)/bd, as a and c are 1, simplify to (d+b)/db

or take a look a this if you feel lazy about adding and reducing fractions

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from fractions import Fraction
def egyptian(a,b):
    frac = (Fraction(1.0/a) + Fraction(1.0/b)).limit_denominator()
    return frac.numerator, frac.denominator

>>> (2L, 5L)
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