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I'd like my handlebars template that's served to the client to look like

<input type='checkbox' checked={{isChecked}}>


<input type='checkbox' {{#if isChecked}}checked{{/if}}>

How can I write a Jade template that will compile to this? from their docs, the checked property will be included if the assigned value is truthy but not actually include the value:

input(type="checkbox", checked="{{isChecked}}")

compiles to

<input type='checkbox' checked>

I've also tried:

input(type="checkbox", checked={{isChecked}})


input(type="checkbox", {{#if isChecked}}checked{{/if}})

that just fails to compile, which I understand

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well try it directly in your jade template.

<input type='checkbox' {{#if isChecked}}checked{{/if}}>

should stay in the same format.


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I would suggest creating a more general helper that you can later reuse easily

Handlebars.registerHelper("checkedIf", function (condition) {
    return (condition) ? "checked" : "";

Then, you can use it in any of your templates:

<script id="some-template" type="text/x-handlebars-template">
   <input type="checkbox" {{checkedIf this.someField}} />

This will be rendered as

<input type="checkbox" checked />


<input type="checkbox" />

depending on the value of someField (a field of the object being mapped to the template)

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How do you check for a negative one, like checked if false? –  dvidsilva Mar 24 at 19:20
@dvidsilva I haven't used Handlebars in a long time now... does this work? {{checkedIf !this.someField}}? –  sports Mar 24 at 20:26
not really, I ended up having to write checkedIf and checkedIfNot :O –  dvidsilva Mar 25 at 0:29

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