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I am using spring + mysql and hibernate in my application. I wanted to start using Envers as an audit log too, but as I understand, in order to use it i must enable Hibernate to create DDL.

Is there a way to use Envers without letting hibernate create DDL, or even better, create DDL only for Envers tables?

If not, is there a way to tell Hibernate to export the ddl to a file instead of the DB so i can take only what i need?

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You don't have to enable automatic DDL creation in order to use Envers.

You can simply create the schema yourself. Basically each audited table gets a mirror table with an _AUD suffix, plus the revision columns.

Schema generation is available via the schemaexport ant task, see here:

Also, you can simply generate the DDL on a local database and use it as a reference to apply to other databases.

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