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Suppose I am building a perl package manually from its distribution file by executing the following shell commands:

tar zxf some.perl.dist.file.tgz
cd some.perl.dist
PERL5LIB=/my/special/perl/lib: perl Makefile.PL PREFIX=/some/prefix
make install

The key point is running perl Makefile.PL with a custom PERL5LIB setting. Note, however, that I am only setting the PERL5LIB environment variable for the duration of the perl Makefile.PL command. I am not forcing it to be set during the make install command.

My question is: To what extent does the make install phase rely on PERL* environment variables being set that were also set during the perl Makefile.PL command run? If I set an environment variable like PERL5LIB during the perl Makefile.PL command should I also make sure it is set during the make install command?

What about distributions which use Build.PL instead of Makefile.PL? I've noticed some Build.PL distributions capture the @INC path used.

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perl is run by make and by Build.

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