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How can I insert a difference equation in Xcos diagram, like:

y(k+1) = y(k)[a sqrt(y(k-1))] + b *y(k-1) ;


Thanks, Best Regards

EDIT Finding on Internet I think that the best way to address my problem is use: scifunck block.

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I would actually do something like that:

Xcos screenshot

where the delay blocks are set to the sample time of your model (I assume we are dealing with discrete signals here) and appropriate initial conditions. Make sure to choose a discrete solver and use the same (appropriate for your problem) sample time for the model and the delay blocks.

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Oh .. thanks you.. Your question work. However, I found another solution. I used scifunc_block_m , here to see futher details help.scilab.org/docs/5.3.3/en_US/scifunc_block_m.html – Edge7 Jun 6 '13 at 21:02

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