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I am trying to configure my rails server so that http://localhost:3000/ redirects to http://localhost:3000/admin_users/sign_in . This is the Devise login view for my AdminUser model.

I have tried the following in my routes file without success:

devise_for :admin_users
root :to => "devise/sessions#new"

The following presents the login form but fails when I try to login due to too many redirects:

devise_for :admin_users do
  root :to => "devise/sessions#new"

Any guidance would be appreciated!

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it has nothing to do with routing

add this line to your applications controller

before_filter :authenticate_user!

your application will ask for login before allowing user to visit any page

to skip authentication on any action just put this, just put this line in that action's controller

skip_before_filter :authenticate_user!, :only => [:some_action]

you need to define the root route of your application so that after authentication a user can be redirected there eg:-

root to: 'users#index'

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Thanks! This helped quite a bit. I had to create a controller for my AdminUser object so I could directly reference the actions. After that, the before_filter went to the sign in screen first and then redirected to where I needed it. – danielM May 29 '13 at 14:20

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