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So I'm just beginning with RoR and figured I do a basic blog with API endpoints aswell. The problem is that my api requests seem to be routed to the wrong controller,

I have the following as my routes.rb

Blog::Application.routes.draw do

  namespace :api do
    namespace :v1 do
      resources :articles


I also have controllers/api/v1/articles_controller.rb, which has the following content:

module API
  module V1    
    class ArticlesController < ApplicationController
      respond_to :json

      def index
        respond_with Article.all


My logic says that when I hit http://localhost:3000/api/v1/articles, this should be the Controller to respond, however the actual Controller that responds is the one in the root of controllers (controllers/articles_controller.rb) and not the one in the /api/v1 path. When I remove the Controller that actually responds, I'll get uninitialized constant Api::V1::ArticlesController instead.

Even rake routes gives me the expected routes, however actually hitting those endpoints fails. Output of rake routes is the following:

api_v1_articles GET    /api/v1/articles(.:format)          api/v1/articles#index
                    POST   /api/v1/articles(.:format)          api/v1/articles#create
 new_api_v1_article GET    /api/v1/articles/new(.:format)      api/v1/articles#new
edit_api_v1_article GET    /api/v1/articles/:id/edit(.:format) api/v1/articles#edit
     api_v1_article GET    /api/v1/articles/:id(.:format)      api/v1/articles#show
                    PUT    /api/v1/articles/:id(.:format)      api/v1/articles#update
                    DELETE /api/v1/articles/:id(.:format)      api/v1/articles#destroy

The only similar question I found on SO is nested namespace route going to wrong controller however, there's no accepted answer there and it's been a year. Maybe another attempt will help resolve this issue

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Your module is API, but Rails is looking for Api. Ruby's modules are case-sensitive.

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I would have never noticed that myself. Thanks – zatatatata May 29 '13 at 16:50

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