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I am using the end to end test specified in the Github intro to Karma. I was able to run runner.html in Chrome pointing to my localhost '/test/runner.html' and all the test ran successfully. But when I run the same tests in IE10 and all tests failed with following errors


browser navigate to '../../app/index.html'TypeError: Object doesn't support property or method 'resumeBootstrap' at Anonymous function (/test/lib/angular-scenario.js:26240:11) at dispatch (/test/lib/angular-scenario.js:3063:6)
at eventHandle (/test/lib/angular-scenario.js:2681:5)

Is it because of limitation of IE?

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this may help, workaround for the same is also specified in it, and you can more dig into the same too if you want. 1.1.4 scenario runner does not work in IE (8 -> 10)

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