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I've been trying to make a Pythagoras Theorem Calculator using Tkinter on Python 33, but I'm running into a slight problem.

Heres my code -

from tkinter import *
import math

root = Tk()

L1 = Label(root, text="A = ")

E1 = Entry(root, bd =5)

L2 = Label(root, text="B = ")

E2 = Entry(root, bd =5)

asq = E1**2
bsq = E2**2

csq = asq + bsq
ans = math.sqrt(csq)

def showsum():
    tkMessageBox.showinfo("Answer =", ans)

B1 = tkinter.Button(root, text="Click This To Calculate!", command = showsum())


And here is my error message -

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "C:/Users/Dale/Desktop/programming/Python/tkinterpythagoras.py", line 18, in     <module>
    asq = E1**2
TypeError: unsupported operand type(s) for ** or pow(): 'Entry' and 'int'

Please don't go rough on me. I'm a complete beginner with Tkinter!

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What are you intending that to do? –  BrenBarn May 28 '13 at 18:04
It should give out the side of C on a triangle, using Pythagoras Theorem –  user2340615 May 28 '13 at 18:09

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You have some problems in your program: First of all, E1 and E2 are Entry widgets, not numbers, so you have to retrieve the value first:

    val = int(E1.get())
except ValueError:
    # The text of E1 is not a valid number

Secondly, in the command option of the Button you are calling the function showsum() instead of passing the reference:

B1 = Button(root, ..., command=showsum)  # Without ()

Besides, this function always shows the same result previously calculated, so you should retrieve the value of the widgets in this function and not before. Finally, with from tkinter import * Button is in the global namespace, so you should remove the reference to tkinter before it.

So in the end showsum could be something similar to this:

def showsum():
        v1, v2 = int(E1.get()), int(E2.get())
        asq = v1**2
        bsq = v2**2
        csq = asq + bsq
        tkMessageBox.showinfo("Answer =", math.sqrt(csq))
    except ValueError:
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That error message is pretty clear. You are trying to raise an Entry object to some power, and you can't do that with Entry objects, because they are not numbers but user interface elements. Instead, you want what is in the Entry object, i.e. what the user has entered, and you probably want to convert it to an integer or float. So:

asq = float(E1.get()) ** 2
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