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I'm doing a report with the theme "Amazon Architecture".

I need to explain how Amazon works internally. For instance, they uses an ESB to communicate with all suppliers.

How is an order processed?

Does anyone knows where I can find this kind of information?

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I imagine this information is kept well secret as it's likely quite proprietary and part of their success. Apart from what the google provides, perhaps you could just call them and ask to speak to their software architects. – Peter Nov 5 '09 at 15:56
Not sure you'll find answers to all your questions but have a look at Amazon Architecture on – Pascal Thivent Nov 5 '09 at 18:40

Neither of Amazon S3's architecture nor its implementation has yet been made public. As such, it is not available for extension in order to develop the capability of creating private clouds of any size.

There are a few papers on cloud storage architecture topics. You might find them useful. Here is one: CACSS: Towards a Generic Cloud Storage Service

The method by which different technologies can be combined to provide a single excellent performance, highly scalable and reliable cloud storage system is also detailed. This research serves as a knowledge source for inexperienced cloud providers, giving them the capability of swiftly setting up their own cloud storage services

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I've written web services that expose shipping data to Amazon, and I've also written stuff that consumes data from them.

I don't have much of an idea about their internal architectures, but I do have a few guesses:

The ESB you mentioned does translation/transformation, for sure, but they do have specifications for what they prefer. They have XML Schemas for SOAP calls and they'll also expose in REST.

Internally, they may have standardized as much as they could to build systems that can quickly scale up and down. They perfected this years ago, then started their EC2 (elastic cloud) service and specified new standards for outsourced eCommerce.

I think they've stepped up some newer standards for the S3 service.

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