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I was starting Windows Azure using WebSites, now I'm facing with the situation where I need Crystal Reports in my site, so I'm looking for a way to install the Redistribute Files to use it in my web page to generate reports.

I follow this page:

So instead of having a simple website, I'm gonna use a cloud app. Unfortunately, I'm updating frequently my website (role in Windows Azure project).

Do I need to redeploy all the time my cloud app each time I update my MVC project? Because it takes so long (like an hour, because I included a msi installer)

Thank you

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Unless you build some custom extensibility into your application with some very robust dependency injection, yes, you have to redeploy.

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What you do think I can do? I mean, I need speed to update my MVC4 project (WebRole) and the cloudapp to have CrystalReports runtime. I can't find another suggestions :( –  Darf Zon May 28 '13 at 19:21
Are you using Web Sites or Web Roles? I see you posting conflicting info on this point and this is important. –  Jaxidian May 31 '13 at 14:21
Originally, Web Sites –  Darf Zon May 31 '13 at 19:04

EDIT: After re-reading your question again, I realised that you're using Windows Azure Websites.

The correct way to accomplish this is to use a webrole rather than the Websites

What you need to do is to store the installer as a blob in Cloud Storage.

Then part of a Azure Startup Task you can download from the blob and execute the installer.

If possible, you can also use the WebPICmdline (i.e the Web Platform Installer Commandline) to download and install for you from the Startup Task.

Steve Marx has done a few posts on using Azure Startup tasks. Here is one of them

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Adding a bit to @Robert's answer: If the actual execution of the MSI is taking an hour, then this is not a very good use case for web/worker roles. Anything that takes more than a few minutes doesn't really fit well with the stateless scalable model. If that's the case, you should consider running a Virtual Machine for running Crystal Reports. Then you can use your web role for everything else.

If, on the other hand, the one-hour time is mostly consumed by the uploading of the MSI, then I'm completely in alignment with Robert: Store the MSI in a blob, and then download it to your role instances upon startup.

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I would suggest to split your single Cloud project into two - one for Crystal Reports only. This way you can deploy it separately from MVC site. You could also build extra smarts into start up task, maybe checking if Crystal is already installed. However, I think splitting them up should be good enough for you

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Normally the update process does not lead to an complete re-image of your webrole, only the approot gets destroyed! Here you can find a very detailed information about what is happening on update and deployment:

What does that mean to your problem? Code deployment is an "in-place update" process. If you install Crystal Reports in Drive C: or D: it wont get destroyed on each deployment.

In your Start-Up Task you have to check, whether the software is already installed, or not. In case it is not installed, just install it, as mentioned above on Drive C: or D:

Edit: I got the Point: Does your update Process takes so long, because of the file-size of your MSI? If so, i also suggest to upload the MSI into Blob-Storage.

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