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I have an .aspx Web Forms application. On one page I display an image that is dynamically loaded depending on the page parameters e.g. if the page parameter is country=scotland - then load Scotland's map.

The images are downloaded from Azure using a time limited Shared Access Signature (needed for security reasons). All this works fine.

I now need the ability to zoom in and out on the downloaded image which I have achieved by creating a Silverlight deepzoom project and embedding the XAP file in my web forms project - this also works fine with a single image.

My question is, how do I dynamically set the image used in the XAP file? I can dynamically set it in the Silverlight Project by setting the Image Source in the code behind page, thus

this.ZoomImage.Source = new DeepZoomImageTileSource(new Uri("http://xxxxx.blob.core.windows.net/xxx/dzc_output.xml", UriKind.Absolute));

but I cannot see how to manipulate the XAP file from code in the host website.

This is my first attempt at Silverlight and this seems an obvious requirement, so I am probably missing something obvious but it has stumped me so far!

Any suggestions greatfully received!

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OK - I figured out one method, maybe this will help others or maybe it is just obvious??

What I did was set the Silverlight project to read the image URL + SAS from a cookie. The host application for the XAP 'file' grabs the image URL + SAS and writes it to a cookie with the same key and value pair required by the Silverlight project (note, the cookie in the host application must just be a key and a value - not a named cookie that seems to be the norm in web forms apps - not so in the Silverlight world!!)

If anyone has a better method I wold still be pleased to hear it.

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OK - this worked right up to the point where I started to use my private Azure storage account to house the DeepZoomImage files - no way to pass in the SAS key neede to access the individual files. Back to the drawing board yet again:-( –  Grant Roy May 31 '13 at 19:25

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