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My goal is to make a programmer's manual to my web-service. There are many tools that generate manuals directly from XSD source, and these tools use <xs:documentation> intensively.

So I'm adding a much as possible <xs:documentation> tags to my XSD.

Question: may <xs:documentation> contain HTML code, e.g. hyperlinks? Formally, it MAY while HTML contain is valid XML. But will this content be supported by third-party tools like manual generators mentioned above?

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May xs:documentation contain XHTML? Yes, it may. That is, doing so is allowed by the schema for schema documents.

Will tools do something useful with it? Some do (at least the stylesheet I wrote for displaying XSD schema documents in the browser does), others probably not. If the tools you want to use don't deal well with XHTML in the xs:documentation element, raise the issue with the developers or vendors.

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xs3p supports HTML tags within documentation elements. HTML content must be well-formed XML, HTML tags should have namespace declared:

<xs:element ...>
      Here is 
      <code xmlns="">source code<code> 
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