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I want to create a hardlink to a file using golang. os.Link() tells me, that windows is not supported. Therefore i tried to use os.exec, to call "mklink.exe".

cmd := exec.Command("mklink.exe", "/H", hardlink_path, file_path)
err := cmd.Run()

However, it tells me, that it can't find mklink.exe in %PATH%. This baffels me, since i can call it using cmd.

Next i tried to call it indirectly via cmd:

cmd := exec.Command("cmd.exe", "mklink.exe", "/H", hardlink_path, file_path)
err := cmd.Run()

Now it does not return any error, however, it also doesn't create a hardlink. Any suggestions?

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For example,

package main

import (

func main() {
    hardlink_path := `link.hard`
    file_path := `link.go`
    _, err := os.Stat(file_path)
    if err != nil {
    cmd := exec.Command("cmd", "/c", "mklink", "/H", hardlink_path, file_path)
    out, err := cmd.CombinedOutput()
    if err != nil {


Hardlink created for link.hard <<===>> link.go
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