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We're using Sass for handling our CSS processing needs. We are not interested in using Compass but we realise there is a method built into Compass that we would like to develop in Ruby/Sass but I'm having an issues figuring out how to do it. I have a base set-up which is almost correct but not quite there yet...

require 'sass'
require 'pathname'

module Sass::Script::Functions
    def url_path(requested_image)
        assert_type requested_image, :String

        base_path = '../../../' # points to our root directory
        root = File.expand_path(base_path, __FILE__) + '/img/'
        image, image_extension = requested_image.to_s.split('.')

        image = image[1, image.length] # strip opening " quote mark 
        image_extension = image_extension[0, 3] # strip ending " quote mark

        calculated_path = File.expand_path(image, root)
        url = "url(#{calculated_path}.#{image_extension})"

        puts 'root:' + root
        puts 'calculated_path:' + calculated_path
        puts 'url:' + url

        # This ended up outputting an absolute path to the image
        # but we can't use that as it includes my entire local directory path
        # which obviously wouldn't work on a live server, so it needs to be a
        # relative path

        # I also tried the following...

        path1 =
        path2 =
        puts path1.relative_path_from(path2)
        puts root.relative_path_from('current_sass_files_directory OR current_css_files_directory')

        # ...but that didn't work as I think I needed
        # to specify the current Sass file being inspected OR the
        # the current CSS file being exported. Either way I'm not
        # sure how to achieve that?

        #         File.dirname(
        #             target_css_file
        #         )
        #     )
        # ).to_s

    declare :url_path, :args => [:string]

...any help or direction you can give me would be greatly appreciated!

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Why not use Compass? Bundling modules (Sass+Ruby code) for reuse is much simpler than with just Sass. If you're still set on not using Compass, I would recommend looking at the Compass source to see how its done. – cimmanon May 28 '13 at 20:07
Is there a reason why using rails' asset_path or image_path wouldn't achieve something similar? You can embed ruby into your scss files. – zethus May 29 '13 at 4:02
@zethus thanks for the comment, we're not using Rails, we're simply using Ruby for running our rake tasks. So any Rails specific solutions aren't an option for us I'm afraid. – Integralist May 29 '13 at 7:47

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