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How make a auto increment primary key with nvarchar datatype in SQL Server 2008 Express? I want my output primary key like:

 Id        Name
 A1        AAA
 A2        BBB

Thank you

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yes, i agree with you – Greditasari May 29 '13 at 20:14

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You can't do this directly - what you can do is this:

  • create an auto-increment column to handle the numeric part
  • add a computed column that concatenates the string prefix and the number

So try something like this:

CREATE TABLE dbo.YourTable
     StringPrefix NVARCHAR(10) NOT NULL,
     IDandPrefix AS ISNULL(StringPrefix + CAST(ID AS NVARCHAR(10)), 'X') PERSISTED

Now when you insert rows like this:

INSERT INTO dbo.YourTable(StringPrefix) VALUES('A'), ('B'), ('A')

you should get rows like this:

ID   StringPrefix   IDandPrefix
 1        A             A1
 2        B             B2
 3        A             A3

And you can define your primary key on that IDandPrefix column, too:

ALTER TABLE dbo.YourTable 
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thank your for your solution... :) i have try it.. – Greditasari May 29 '13 at 20:02

That's simple. You can't. Autoincrement only works for numeric types.

Instead, add an int or bigint autoincrement PK and use a computed column to generate the other nvarcharcolumns.

Finally, you can create a non-clustered index on your computed column.

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