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I tried to launch eventmachine httpserver example, but I've added simple puts in the process_http_request method. To my surprise, when I access localhost:8080 from browser, I see puts output in terminal twice.

Why is it printed twice? Is it a bug? Maybe I misunderstand something in eventmachine. You can see my example below.

require 'eventmachine'
require 'evma_httpserver'

class MyHttpServer < EM::Connection
  include EM::HttpServer

  def post_init

  def process_http_request
    response =
    response.status = 200
    response.content_type 'text/html'
    response.content = '<center><h1>Hi there</h1></center>'
    puts 'my_test_string'
end do
  EM.start_server '', 8080, MyHttpServer
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The first one is a request for the favicon. The second one is a request for the page body. If you want to call it a bug, it is your bug, not the library's.

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Oh, I should print out received data and then I would see "get /favicon.ico", but thank you a lot :) – Shamir K. May 29 '13 at 5:16

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