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I have following buildx1.xml:

<target name="tokens"  >
    <taskdef resource="net/sf/antcontrib/antlib.xml">
            <pathelement location="C:\apache-ant-1.9.1\lib\ant-contrib.jar"/>
    <loadfile property="data" srcfile="../ears/fileList.txt"/>
        <var name="opr"             value="1"/>
        <var name="opa"                 value="argument"/>
        <var name="opa1"                value="argument"/>
        <var name="argument0"           value="-999"/>
        <var name="argument1"           value="-999"/>
        <var name="argument2"           value="-999"/>
        <var name="argument3"           value="-999"/>
        <var name="argument4"           value="-999"/>
        <var name="argument5"           value="-999"/>
        <var name="argument6"           value="-999"/>
<var name="intgr"           value="0"/>
    <for param = "line" list="${data}" delimiter="${line.separator}"> 
            <echo   message = " current line is line = @{line}"/>
            <for list="@{line}"  delimiter=" " param = "letter">
                    <echo>Letter @{letter}</echo>       
                    <var name="${opa}${intgr}"          value="@{letter}"/>
                    <echo>now var =  ${opa}${intgr}</echo>      
                    <math result="intgr" operand1="${intgr}" operation="+" operand2="1" datatype="int"/>
    <echo message="Multiple move all files done."/>

Which load another data file: fileList.txt:

aaa bbb ccc ddd eeee
a111 b111 c111 d111
A222 B222 X222 Y222 Z222

After load it; I can see all data after each loop in each line, Such as, in line 1: I can get

 [echo]  current line is line = aaa  bbb  ccc  ddd  eeee
 [echo] aaa  bbb  ccc  ddd  eeee
 [echo] Letter aaa
 [echo] now var =  argument0
 [echo] aaa  bbb  ccc  ddd  eeee
 [echo] Letter bbb
 [echo] now var =  argument1
 [echo] aaa  bbb  ccc  ddd  eeee
 [echo] Letter ccc
 [echo] now var =  argument2
 [echo] aaa  bbb  ccc  ddd  eeee
 [echo] Letter ddd
 [echo] now var =  argument3
 [echo] aaa  bbb  ccc  ddd  eeee
 [echo] Letter eeee
 [echo] now var =  argument4
 [echo]  current line is line = a111 b111 c111 d111
 [echo] a111 b111 c111 d111
 [echo] Letter a111
 [echo] now var =  argument5
 [echo] a111 b111 c111 d111
 [echo] Letter b111
 [echo] now var =  argument6

I hope argument0 = aaa ; argument1 = bbb ; argument0 = ccc ; argument0 = ddd ; etc but now looks like they are all same and argument0, argument1, argument2 etc has no values I use

    <echo>now var =  ${${opa}${intgr}} </echo>   

to try to display each argument0, but got: [echo] now varrs = @{argument0}

How to fix it to get aaa instead of [echo] now varrs = @{argument0} ??


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