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I included this in my chrome extension manifest

"devtools_page": "devtools.html"

And in devtools.html I include a devtools.js file which creates a panel

chrome.devtools.panels.create("Panel", "icon.png", "panel.html", function(panel){});

The panel is indeed created. And in panel.html I include a panel.js file in which I added a listener


But where can I see the console output of the panel? Or how can I redirect it to the devtools console?

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This message will be logged in the console of the developer tools. To view this console, detach the developer tools from the window, and press Ctrl + Shift + J.

Here's an picture:

1. Page (http://host/)
2. + Devtools instance for http://host
3.   + Devtools instance for chrome-devtools://devtools/devtools.html?... )

Your message is currently logged to 3 (the console of the devtools instance) instead of 2 (the console of the page). To log the string to the page, use the chrome.experimental.devtools.console API.

An alternative is to JSON-serialize your object, and use chrome.devtools.inspectedWindow.eval to log the result:

var obj = ...;
var str = JSON.stringify( obj );
chrome.devtools.inspectedWindow.eval('console.log(' + str + ');');
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