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How do you update an instance variable from inside a block?


def initialize_people(people)
    people.each do |person|
        person = "Bob" if person.nil?

@first = "Adam"
@second = "Eve"
@third = nil

people = [@first, @second, @third]
puts people

# outputs 
# Adam
# Eve

# would like it to output
# Adam
# Eve
# Bob
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The expression:

people.each |person|

Defines person locally to the loop. So, all your loop did is set the locally scoped person to Bob when it was found to be nil. You could do something like this:

def initialize_people(people)
    people.each_with_index do |person, i|
        people[i] = "Bob" if person.nil?

Or shorter:

i = people.find_index(nil)
people[i] = "Bob" if i
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