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Hi on my website I have code on some posts that I have given users to copy. How can I make it easier for them by having a Copy To Clipboard button that will automatically copy certain things. Also I use Wordpress so I would use the Text editor for this but what if I want users to copy HTML. Should I put the HTML where the content to be copied should go in the Visual Editor, would that still pick it up?. Can you show me code the copy the following text to clip board, I made it HTML because I want it to not be recognized as code (I am going to change the desired copied content later).
< a href=”“>Example< /a>

I added some spaces above between the < and the a and also between < and / because it would not display.

Please note that I am a little bit of a beginner at this stuff. Sorry about that!

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You should learn about post formatting here: – user2019515 May 28 '13 at 23:01

Since you're using WordPress the best thing you could do is install a Syntax Highlighter plugin, this plugin will format your code nicely and give users a way to copy the code easily.

See here:

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As of now, I do not believe that there is a way to copy anything to the clipboard manually with only HTML. The only thing that gets close is the Clipboard API, but that only allows you access to copy, paste and cut events, without actually modifying the clipboard with manually created events.

There are workarounds in flash (one was mentioned in the first link I posted down below).

There are some other posts in this general domain:

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