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I want to insert to type field max id from other table but I need to connect it with text information as "Created new user with id = "MAX(my_employee.id). Code that work but insert only id:

INSERT INTO my_logs (user_id, type, date) 
        SELECT '1', MAX(my_employee.id), '2013-05-28 23:52:07' FROM my_employee

I tried:

INSERT INTO my_logs (user_id, type, date) 
          SELECT '1',"Created new user with id =" MAX(my_employee.id), 
                              '2013-05-28 23:52:07' FROM my_employee

and similar but nothing seems to work

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Your query does not look good at all.... consider reprogramming all of the code you just showed.... –  pattyd May 28 '13 at 23:28

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Are you trying to do this?

INSERT INTO my_logs (user_id, type, date) 
      SELECT '1', concat('Created new user with id =', MAX(my_employee.id)), 
             '2013-05-28 23:52:07'
      FROM my_employee;
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Yes, thank You. –  user2430462 May 28 '13 at 23:42

This should work for you:

insert into my_logs  
select 1, concat('Created new user with id = ', MAX(id)), '2013-05-28 23:52:07' 
from my_employee
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