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I am using Imagick to product images from massive pdf files. I also want those images with RGB or sRGB color mode so Internet Explorer can display the images correctly.

I have tried

$im = new imagick($fileName.'[0]');
 //$im->setImageColorspace(Imagick::COLORSPACE_SRGB); //try this already
 // $im->setImageColorSpace(1);   //try this already

I did get images but the color is way off with setImageColorspace and setImageColorSpace methods. (ex: color is inverted.)

If I comment out those methods, the images look right but some of them are not RGB mode and create problems in Internet Explorer.

I really need the RGB color mode on the images. Are there anyways to do it? Thanks so much!

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You seem to encounter a problem with CMYK pdfs. Have you tried converting them to PNG? PNG -contrary to jpeg - only encodes RGB so the images will in any case be in the correct colorspace.

You might also want to have a look at ghostscript (the engine behind imagemagicks PDF conversion) and it's --UseCIE switch.

I wrote a php-wrapper to ghostscript which you can find at github that you might find usefull when you want to use ghostscript.

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