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Have currently setup my drupal 7 localhost installation ON MY LAN, now I want to be set as a server to be accessed online by certain ip adress.

But when ever I try to connect from another computer outside localhost it doesn't work.

Must Í open ports to my router and then it will work?

Kinda confused with this .htaccess file but I understand its purpose.

Its on my LAN my server is located so how do I get this to work?

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How do you try to access the site from other machine? Please also check if the proper permissions are set to access the site remotely. –  Joshi Consultancy May 29 '13 at 3:09
I've bind a public ip to my local machine. When I tried to login, it logged into system successfully but showing me access denied page for admin user. whats I missed? any guess. –  Ankit Chauhan Sep 5 '13 at 13:35

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Yes, if your machine is behind some sort of firewall, you will need to forward port 80 to the machine running drupal. To limit access to specific IP's you update the firewall to accept specific IP's or an IP range. You will likely need to set up the PC with a static IP address so DHCP doesn't assign a new IP everytime you reboot the machine. With most home routers, port forwarding forward a port to a specific IP. That should get you going.

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