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I need to delete a directory of tracked files from my local working directory but not from the remote git server.

I tried git rm --cached but it seems like it will commit those changes to the server. I want the files to remain tracked on the server.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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The problem with git rm (with or without --cached) is that it would stage the deletion of the directory in your local index, making it a possible candidate for a commit (which can be pushed by mistake, deleting the directory in the upstream repo as well)

You could try, within your directory:

  git ls-files | tr '\n' '\0' | xargs -0 git update-index --assume-unchanged

(see more at "git update-index --assume-unchanged on directory"), and then a simple non-git command:

  rm -Rf yourDirectory

Your git repo should ignore the deletion, and it has no effect on the index.

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This worked great. Thanks! –  FredTheLover May 30 '13 at 19:38

I think you can try to ignore the files in your local git repo.

exclude them in .git/info/exclude

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